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Can't log on via my TV

Like a lot of other people it seems I can't log on via my TV. I am now going to raise the issue through Trading Standards. I have also asked for and received a letter of deadlock so I can pursue my complaint via the Ombudsman. It would be useful to know how many other people are affected. Can you please comment if you are affected. Many thanks
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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User,


Sorry to hear you're having problems. First things first: -

  • What's the make and model number of the device(s) you're using to access and play NOW TV content?
    [ie: a NOW TV 'black' box, a NOW TV 'white' box or a NOW TV 'Smart' box. Or a 'Games Console' of some type, a 'Set Top Box' of some type, a 'Smartphone' of some type, a 'Tablet' of some type, a 'Windows PC', a 'Mac' computer or another type of device]
  • How is your NOW TV playback device connected to the internet. Is it via a hard-wired or wireless (WiFi) ethernet connection?
  • What things have you already tried to get your NOW TV playback device working again?

Sufficed to say, the more detailed information you are able to provide, the easier it will be for us NOW TV forum members and/or a NOW TV Team member to work out a solution for you!