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not working on pc windows 10

Having installed on xbox one and getting error code 3 ,decided to use the windows 10 app from the ms store on my mini pc . Every 10 secs the app cuts out and confirms internet connection lost. The pc is connected directly to the router (virgin media hub 100mb) with firewall removed. Pc happily runs other media apps and amazon streaming without any issues. When is the win 10 app being updgraded to ensure that it "Works" on all pc devices .you cannot even adjust settings to a lower quality video 

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Re: not working on pc windows 10



Welcome to the forum. 


There's currently three ways to watch on a Windows machine. As well as the Windows Store app you can use  IE11 with Silverlight installed to watch in-browser or using the NOW TV Player helper app with other browsers. More info here


While you're waiting for someone to suggest a fix for the Windows Store app you might want to give one of the other methods a try to see if they work better for you.

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Re: not working on pc windows 10

Dave,  I can heartily recommend not using the now tv player app.  I made that mistake and it now spends most of its time telling me I have exceeded the max number of devices even though nothing has changed.  So I de-register my PC and re-register in (thankfully both times have been turn of the month) and it works for a few days and then the same message appears.


This is on a Windows 10 machine which was fine when using IE (Not often you get to say that).