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Watching NOWTV on MacBook Pro

I can't watch any live sport streams using NOWTV player on my MacBook Pro.

It opens the live feed then just freezes and continues to try to load but never does. It's never been a problem working before on my laptop only the last few attempts. I've tried on WIFI and hotspot from iPhone but no joy.

NOWTV works no problem at all on my iPhone on both 4G and WIFI

I've tried uninstalling and installing but no joy.

Any ideas gang??



NOW have recently declared the Mac and PC players defunct. Try removing it completely without reinstalling. Then clear all cookies and cache in your browser. When you login to NOW on your browser again you should hopefully find that you can play directly from the TV menu there, assuming it is Safari or Chrome. Let us know how you get on.


Now player was not installed and Chrome settings all cleared still does not SSN to work. Keeps prompting for Sports membership, although SSN is available on the Entertainment package. Completely at a loss as to how I can get SSN on my W10 tablet. 

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For whatever reason Sky Sports News isn’t available via the entertainment membership on Mac or PC. If you plan to watch using these devices then you’ll need to take out the sports membership.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help