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Anonymous User
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2018 apology from Now TV " we are working on it" !

Its still not working .....

NOW TV Player on Windows & Mac

Hi All


We’re very sorry for the issues you have encountered when using the NOW TV Player on some Windows PC or Mac devices.


As our technical team continues to work on these issues, you can watch NOW TV on a number of other devices.


A list of our supported devices can be found in our Help article here: (link has gone !)


As soon as we have an update on these issues we’ll post it here. 



NOW TV Community Manager

that post was from 2018 !


Why can't you hire someone good enough to make it work ?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous User 

That post was from when there was a widespread issue with the app on PC and Mac that have since been resloved, really that post should've been taken down.

Can you tell us more about the issue your having so that the Community can try and help?




Community Manager

Anonymous User
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The clue is in my post Simon - when I said "It is still not working" ! You know, where the player fails to load the stream and shuts down, like it always has on all mine and everybody else's laptops / pc's since 2018. Why pretend this is not a thing now ? Works fine on phone, has never worked on windows pc. How hard can it be to hire a tech team that can achieve this basic requirement within 4 years ?

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@Anonymous User working just fine for me on my laptop at work as you can see from the photo below! 


Lots of solutions to various problems posted on the community if you use the search bar at the top.

Here's one

Also, one of the most common problems is Bit defender. Now needs to be added to it's exceptions.