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Free trial not processing £0.00 payment

the sky cinema pass free trial won’t process a £0.00 payment?!?


what do I do

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Re: Free trial not processing £0.00 payment


Have you supplied payment details?

How are you trying to get the free trial? Is it on the website or on the app itself?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Re: Free trial not processing £0.00 payment

@Ryandp when you say it won't process, do you get an error message?


Possible solutions


Try a different browser.

For the address where the card is registered enter 3 digits for your house number ie enter 67 as 067

Ensure your bank card is a UK bank and not a prepaid card.

You must have a minimum balance of 10p available as NowTV will do a reserve for that amount. They don't actually take the money but use it to check the account is real.


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