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Being charged after cancelling

I cancelled my now tv account almost a month ago, when I was canceling it I had a bill pending to come out, I was refunded this payment because I hadn’t used that months that was about to come out, I have been charged again even though I had been refunded for cancelling, I don’t understand. This is the worst website ever 😂 I could only find one number to talk to someone and it doesn't even work.  Does anybody have a customer service number that works?! 

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Re: Being charged after cancelling

This is what has happened to me, I just want to speak to a human being! I've now got to fill in a complaint form for something that could be solved in a matter of minutes over the phone. It's genuinely the worst website for just wanting a problem solved. 


Their live chat isn't even a live chat 😂 it's a bot just giving you links.

Christ just give me my money back 😭

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Re: Being charged after cancelling

@Rach @Charlieg1997 

This for broadband or TV?


When I was a Now TV broadband customer this is number I used to call them 0330 041 2460


If not I would then recommend using the Live chat.


1. NOW TV account & payments

2. Cancelling or renewing NOW TV Passes

3. Drop down 'How to get in touch'

4. Live Chat

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Re: Being charged after cancelling


The Nowbot is not the Live Chat.

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Re: Being charged after cancelling

0330 041 2480


I agree this is extremely hard to find.  I signed up for the broadband and entertainment pass.  Broadband element was £25.  Big mistake.  The broadband worked for less than 24 hours, found the number eventually and called them.  Fault inside the house they said and engineer required, so I took the time off work for that.  The engineer came, did all his checks and said it wasn't in the house, the NOW tv hub was faulty, he would put the report in and they’d send another hub out.  So I waited.  Called today  to ask where it was and was told it hadn’t been sent out but would arrive next week.  Told them to cancel and was offered £10 off next months payment.  I’d paid more than that to keep my phone in data with no home broadband , so  refused.  Cancellation agent after putting me on hold for 10 minutes came back and said I was due a refund of £7 of the £25 that had already been taken from my account.  So there you go - £18 for less than 24 hours of broadband, I know it’s part of SKY,  but even their full package of TV, broadband and calls wouldn’t have cost £18 a day! - that’s what the ‘helpline’ will get you - Good luck!

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