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Now TV stick on/off button doesn't switch TV on

Surely the on/off button on the remote should turn on the TV and go to the Now Home screen?  My Kindle Firestick remote does this. Instead I have to use the TV remote to switch on and then change the HDMI port.   Has it got the right code for my TV?  The setup used a sound test to decide the TV code but maybe there's more to it than that.  How do I try out other TV codes?

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Re: Now TV stick on/off button doesn't switch TV on

Hi @hurq 


I am assuming you are using the NowTV smart remote ?


Firstly you need to find the right IR command code for your television if the auto setup doesn't pick up the on/ off and adjustable up & down volume buttons from the smart remote.


Have a read of this linked thread below on how to plough through the different codes for your branded television.  


Also go into your NowTV box or stick menu system settings and make sure the 1 Touch feature is enabled.


Also check in your television menu settings that the HDMI port connected to the NowTV Box or Stick is set to HDMI CEC enabled.