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Turning off the stick

Hi, we have a smart tv with only 2 hdmi ports. Port 1 has our home cinema/surround sound system connected to it and Port 2 has a splitter with our freesat box connected to one input and the nowtv stick on another. The splitter will auto-switch if a device is powered up, so If we want to watch on the stick we turn off the freesat box and activate the stick and it works. However when we want to go back to the freesat box we cant turn off the stick so it hogs the splitter and the freesat doesnt show through.

Does anyone know if there is anyway we can change this please ?


Dave Le Huray

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Hi, @Anonymous User One solution that occurs to me is to wi-fi connected plugs on the power supplies. That way you can turn off the power to whichever device you don’t want to use from the comfort of your sofa. Something like this will work, and is cheap’n’chearfull.


Elite 3

@Anonymous User WiFi plug sockets would be one answer but then you're into the realms of having enough plug sockets or using one socket for one device and seeing up another smart device.


Is your home cinema system one with a dvd/Blu-ray player and needs the hdmi or is it just an amp and speakers? If it is just an amp and speakers could you connect via the TV's line out (optical or coax digital) if it has one?


What you're currently using is actually an HDMI switch and what you need for an 'always on/touch to wake' device is an HDMI switch with a remote. You can pick them up for about £10 but you do get what you pay for at that price. Make sure you get one with one or two spare ports over your current needs incase you ever buy another device with hdmi.

Anonymous User
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Hi Saint1976,

Thanks for replying

its one with an inbuilt dvd player. Ive found that if I dont have it
connected via hdmi then i lose the speech channel from the nowtv stick,
and from the tv when watching netflix. I can hear all the other sounds
but no speech.

The splitter I have is one we have just purchased from amazon and the
reviews stated that it reacts to devices powering on/off. Dont really
want to get another. Also remote sockets arent suitable due to space

Plus seems a lot to have to go through simply because the nowtv stick
wont power off on its own.

Thanks again