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Software download

My now tv is saying a new software change has been downloaded but when i  press  accept it just makes tge press button noise but doesnt do anything iv tryed switching it off and back on but the same screen comes up it wont let me do or watch anything ? 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Carolyn 

I have seen a few people report this.

My Sister's NOW box had the software update notification and after pressing the update accept it took a long while to start the process and nothing happened on the TV screen and you think it has done nothing.

Maybe try clicking once again and give it say 15 minutes.

If nothing happens do you have another television in the home to temporary test the NOW Stick on ?

Do you have Mobile internet data and a current NOW active TV Membership? 

If yes, I would be tempted if nothing works, to factory reset the Stick by holding in the reset button on the Stick for around 15 seconds and when it asks for your wifi Network use your smartphone wifi hotspot with your Mobile data to see if you can get past the software update message.

If the wifi hotspot works, then disconnect the wifi hotspot and go back into the Stick Settings and change the wifi Network back to your home Router.


Fab thank you ill give it a try😊


Did you get past this issue @Carolyn ? If not, could you DM me your device identifier please.