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Unable To Set Up TV Power Control via NOW TV Smart Stick Remote






IDK if anyone else has experienced similar issues when attempting to establish TV Power Control on their NOW TV Smart Stick Remote but, having tried to do so on both my Samsung and Panasonic TV's without success, I'm at a bit of a loose end.



Once I "Start" the process to "Set up remote for TV control" on my NOW TV Smart Stick, I get the following pop-up:-



Is music playing?


  • Yes, music is playing
  • No


Generally, regardless of which TV I was using, I heard the music, so I chose: "Yes, music is playing" and then got a (series of) pop-up window(s) asking:-



Has the music stopped playing?


  • Yes, the music has stopped playing
  • No


And, whenever I answered "Yes" to this question, I would get a pop-up window which said:-



Setting up remote for TV


Success! Your remote is set up to control this TV's power & volume


  • OK


At which point, pressing "OK" would simply take you back to the previous sub-menu to "Start" the process to "Set up remote for TV control" again, from where I would try the Volume Control (which always worked - as you might expect having just been given a 'Success!' message) and then try the TV Power button (which NEVER worked - not even once!).



Alternatively, whenever I answered "No" to this question, I'd get a similar "Has the music stopped playing?" pop-up window... but with the added text: "Trying TV code 1.",  "Trying TV code 2.",  "Trying TV code 3.", etc. which (even if I 'faked' my answer to get another code) would only continue until all fifty codes had been attempted... leaving me no other way to proceed.



Despite finding various options (within the built-in library of fifty codes) that would work for controlling the TV Volume across both TV brands - that each generated a 'Success' message - none of the codes which worked for altering the volume were also capable of turning the TV's On/Off (i.e. putting them in to, or out of, sleep/standby mode) and I'm wondering if anything can be done about this?



Of course I'm still able to turn (either of) the television(s) on or off using the supplied remote(s) that came with the television(s) but, considering this is one of the main features / selling-points of these new Smart TV Sticks (over previous NOW TV devices), it would be nice if the remote actually worked for this purpose as intended.



Whether there is an existing database of codes that NOW TV can add to, if purchasers of the NOW TV Smart Stick who experience such problems provide details of their TV model(s), is unclear to me - at least, I found no reference to it when trying to perform an online search for this topic - but, if there is not already one set-up, then it might be a good idea to start one (sooner, rather than later). Likewise, it might be a good idea to start a list of TV models that have been identified as having problems with TV Power and/or Volume Control when attempting to set-up the NOW TV Smart Stick remote for this purpose.



For the record, the television models for which I attempted to establish TV Power and Volume Control with my NOW TV Smart Stick remote were as follows:-


  • Samsung PS-50C6900YK - which IIRC was originally from around 2010/11
  • Panasonic TX-L55DT50B - which IIRC was originally from around 2012/13



Any help / advice that anyone can provide on this would be much appreciated.



Many thanks, in advance.

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