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System update

Hi, I’m trying to load an app from my Roku stick and it’s saying I need to do a system update with going to settings etc to carry this out. When I go to my settings there is no such option to select a system update. Online it says to scroll to the bottom of home page - which I’ve done and it’s not there either. 
when I’ve gone to the settings via the little asterisk at top of screen when I go to settings I click on that and it says about my audio settings and literally nothing else. Wondering if someone could help me or give me some advice, please 🙂

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @SD87 

If you have a NOW branded Stick or NOW Box, then from the Home screen keep pressing the back button on the remote (button next to Home button) until a further menu appears on the left hand side of the screen which includes Settings.

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@SD87 to update your Roku system follow the instructions below (you'll need to be logged into the Now community to see the image)