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Lost Remote

Hi all, I've got a replacement remote on order but going to be a couple of weeks yet before it's delivered. I read on a previous post to download the ROKU remote app as a temporary fix. This is working perfectly however there's 3 nowtv boxes connected to my WiFi network. I see in the ROKU app you can name the devices (so that would be handy if I don't switch off Mams Eastenders or Hubbys Benidorm 😂) however it won't allow it unless I sign in on ROKU. When I do that (same details as NowTV/Sky Store etc checked in the about settings also from nowtv menu) it says that the boxes aren't linked to me. I'm assuming I bought property (3 now boxes from Asda) that still belongs to sky? I contacted ROKU support and this is what they came back with :

"Thank you for contacting Roku customer support. This email is about using the Roku mobile app as a remote to control the Now TV boxes.

The Roku looks extremely similar to the NOW TV box (NOW TV is powered by Roku channel store). However, the features, interface, and the limits are directly controlled by the Now TV support.

Please contact Now TV support to know more about the features of the NOW TV box. You can reach them through the link"


Any ideas?


Screenshots from Roku app 

Images 001

Images 002 

Images 003 

Images 04 


Thank you in advance 😉