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Content Issues / Missing Episodes



Anyway to be alerted when a season is added back on? Blindspot, I watched seasons 1-3 last year, season 4 is next, looked on Geektown to find out release date only to find the next new season is 5.  4 was released in 2018! Not very helpful when Now T...

Craig_82 by Scholar 2
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Resolved! West Wing

I see sky Atlantic is now back to showing s1 of the west wing. Why can I not get this on catch up? Its always being shown, so why is it not available via box sets? 

Sky spirts day pass

Can someone help please I've just brought a sport day pass my account says it's ready to use but it's not letting me use it on my tablet or my phone just keeps saying I need to get a day pass  


Hi thereAnyone else noticed that on the HayU app on mobiles and the Nowtv are different? As in it updates a lot quicker with content on the app than the Nowtv version?! Can be frustrating as I cancelled my app on my mobile so I had it on Nowtv路‍