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Passing off old seasons as new content

Anyone else noticed this ,  Now TV take off the latest season and a few months later put it back on and advertise it as new content .  First noticed it with Chicago fire 

7 seasons already on then season 8 arrived this month and it’s last years season .


good doctor the same advertised as new this week . Was going to cancel subscription last month stopped because of new seasons coming .  And they are Ild seasons regurgitated .   

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Those old regurgitated seasons come back as boxsets, which turn out to be very useful for those of us who have not seen those shows yet.  


So the upshot is, boxsets can be binge watched while new shows are watched as single, weekly shows, regardless of how they're advertised.



UK Bob


I agree, with this if all seasons are removed like they have done for station 19 or greys anatomy, but not if they drop the last season and add it back as “new content” which it clearly isn’t .
They’ll probably do the same with FBI.

Legend 5
Legend 5


It's just how Sky like to advertise content when bringing back shows as boxsets. 


Even if it stated "returning content", some might precive this as the latest season returning. They are probably best to use "Recently added" much like the movies. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help