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Channels and Updates in line with what the Parent Company offers elsewhere

I like the idea of Now TV, I also like the small but limited choice, but I must admit that the service could be utilized further and gain a bigger share of the market.

Currently HD is not available, I find this mind boggling when you consider Netflix and Amazon can manage it! As for the content, we could really use more choice. For example on the satellite platform, dedicated sports channels such as Premier Sports, Europsort, LFC TV, MUTV and so on could and should be available through NOW TV.Entertainment Channel and Documentary channels available on the Satellite platform are also missing.

I currently have active passes for Entertainment, Movies and Sports.... but this is likely to change as it often does, as I get bored with content, and have to switch and change platforms sometimes to find what I want to watch.

For example I have BT TV at home, as part of my BB package I get BT Sport Free, I also get Eurosport via that platform, but would I need BT TV if there offerings were also available via the NOW TV platform? I think IPTV in this fashion if the way forward for TV, but at present NOW TV has a lot of work to do to get it right.


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Re: Channels and Updates in line with what the Parent Company offers elsewhere

On your point regarding HD, that is not technically correct. Now TV broadcasts in 720P which is HD (Standard definition is 480P).

However, most people refer to 'full' HD being 1080P, which Now TV admittedly cannot yet achieve. I hope it will in the future as I can watch in 'full' HD on the BBC iplayer and Amazon Prime Video. In fact they both offer some content in UHD 4k definition too. 

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