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Buying NowTV pass abroad

I am on holiday in France and want to buy a Sky Sports day pass, but the option doesn't seem available. I last bought a pass in the UK where I live just over 30 days ago. Is there any way I can watch Sky Sports here in France? Keen to watch the crick...

HD Boost

Since adding Boost  I've experienced more buffering on the live channels than I've seen before, on-demand doesn't have this problem only the live channels. I'm using a Roku streaming stick, and also have several black NowTV boxes. I'm not experiencin...

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Picture Quality

Watching fight on NowTV stick upload and download speed in excess of 18 why is picture so pixilated? Can't even make out faces! 


I have sports with a boost can’t tell if it’s 1080ptheres no HD on screen top rightlive chat say no HD on screenany tips advice thanks 

Boxing Match - Help!!!

So my NOWTV is built into my Samsung smart tv, so I dont use a stick or a box. I use the nowtv app on the smart tv. So how do I order this?

Unable to watch live TV or Sports

Since 19th I’ve been unable to watch Sky Sports Live. There’s no error; just something went wrong, try again later. The fault is the same on two TV Apps and my NowTV box. I can watch Movies and content I’ve selected in entertainment. I CAN watch live...

Suggestion: Split Screen

SpoilerAny chance of split screen being added? Cant even tell you how many times cricket has been on the same time as rugby or f1. Having to switch is so annoying.Any chance of split screen being added? Cant even tell you how many times cricket has b...