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Moominvalley S2

Hi  We are trying to watch Moominvalley S2 (kids pass) and the episodes are all stopping after about 5 mins. I’ve reset the Apple TV and reinstalled the Now TV app to no avail. Any ideas? many thanks  

Episodes not playing in full

The new moomin episodes (season 2), are only playing for the first 5mins or less then move on to the next episode non are playing in full. seems to be the case for the first 5 episodes. 

Error code 21

Hi, I am unable to access the episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball error code 21 keeps appearing. Considering I pay monthly for the kids service is there any fix for this? 

Blocking specific shows in NowTV

Hi,Does anyone know if it's possible to block certain shows from being displayed and played?As a parent I would like my kids to have access to NowTV Kids but block some of the god awful shows such as Power Rangers and Henry Danger.Thanks!

Resolved! The good dinosaur

My 4 year old loves this movie, we’ve watched it loads recently, but suddenly, it’s not working. Comes with a message:  unable to complete purchase on this device, please go to to choose a product or offer so, I went to now tv on ...

Some shows not appearing on Apple TV app

Hello. We have a NowTV box in our bedroom and we were watching The boy in the dress on CBeebies on the kids channel with the kids. The following day we were going to watch the rest on the NowTV app on AppleTV and it is not there. When I check again o...

Cannot Remove Kids Shows From Watchlist

 Hi, I don't have a kids pass, but a kids show shows up in my watchlist (Ben 10 Omniverse) - and I can find no way of deleting it! Unlike regular shows where when you select them there is a play or remove button - with Kids Shows there is just a play...

Restricting kids access further than pin code

I have the full pin set up to restrict children from watching anything on now tv without me entering the pin however, they can still search now tv for movies they would like to watch... but there is nothing stopping them from looking at e.g the horro...

Cartoon Network - audio description

For some reason, Cartoon Network (live tv) is currently being played on my Now TV Box in Audio Description. I can't find an option to disable it. Any help?