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PS4 buffering and crashes. Any program, any channel

Already reinstalled app. PS4 up to date.


Location: UK


I have subscription to all channels (kids, movies, etc)


It has been a week now, nothing works anymore. What do I do?


Whats the number i can call to talk about this ?



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Re: PS4 buffering and crashes. Any program, any channel

There is no number you can call. And if there was it would be busy 24/7 with victims of both real NowTV issues, and self-inflicted NowTV issues by those who didn’t read the large print, let alone the small print Smiley Tongue


But as you are clearly in the first category, follow this link to where you can contact NowTV on Live Chat, or email your problem in. On Chat, keep your answers short and sweet, as they tend to cut you off if you are as long-winded as me Smiley Sad


I think you are not alone in having PS4 issues, judging from other reports in the Community; I have eight different ways of getting NowTV, but a PS4 is not among them, so I have no direct experience of this, though.


But the line of least resistance is a NowTV Stick; £19.99 with two month’s Entertainment Passes included means it costs a net £4.01 at regular Pass prices, and still only £9.99 if you are smart about Passes.


Better than missing this week’s GoT, if no means to watch on your PS4 is speedily forthcoming.

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