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Unable to sign in on PS4

Whenever I try to sign in on my PS4, an error message which reads ‘unable to sign in, please try again later’ shows. I’ve checked online for solutions but I can’t seem to find any. 


Please help. 

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Re: Unable to sign in on PS4


I have two ps4's and on one the app will work but on the other I simply cannot log in. Everytime I try I get the "Unable to load sign in, please try later" message. 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled. The other apps all work fine and I have no connection issues.

The app on the other ps4 works so I know it is not the service provider or server connection issues.

I have vacant additional device slots so it's not that.

I am using version 2.06 and the My Account login screen shows 4.3.13.

Please advise as unwilling to part with the ps4 it's working on until it's working on the slim.


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