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Current interface for App on AppleTV is useless for accessing live TV / Stream.!

The current NowTV Interface (June, 2023) on AppleTV is pretty useless for accessing Live TV or Streams!

When I open the app I am inundated with various tiles for 'planning' future events / shows, but I have to fumble around to see either the current live programming for particular shows channels (such as F1) and furthermore, I have to navigate through additional levels to even see a simple programme guide.

This is extremely non-intuitive, and having quick access to a simple programme guide would be the most basic of features or functions of the TV or Streaming App. Instead, it seems the people behind the content only want the user to access the programming that they wish to promote and are making it more and more difficult to interact with the app in a simple and basic manner.

This is very poor user design and make my experience of the app a very disappointing one.

Please introduce a link to a basic program guide at the top of the main page interface along side the respective channel links, (i.e.  🔍, Home, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kids, Hayu, Guide!)

Very simple.!


Totally agree, they always seem to make it hard to watch live tv 

Scholar 2

Same here. Its a pain in the backside to get to the live channels, because some genius decided to remove the 'TV Guide' from the top rail!

You also used to have a 'Now & Next' banner, but thats been taken too, and replaced with the Apple TV player info banners.


a bit confused by this.

Although I never watch 'live' TV - and in NOW's case the broadcast quality is beyond appalling with dark scenes descending in too pixelated blobs...

The TV Guide has always been at the very bottom of the screen.  To get there quickly simply press and hold the Down Button and it will quickly skip to the very bottom where you can then scroll right to get the TV guide.