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Device limit

Never had a problem before but recently I cannot watch now tv at the same time on two different devices. Usually I could watch something in my console while my mum watched something on her TV stick. But now, whenever I try to each something when she is also watching something, it comes up with device limit reched. Furthermore, there is no one else using the account apart from me and my mum. So I'd like to know why? Thank you. 


P.s. we turn off everything else which has now tv on it so that cannot interfere with the account limit. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @HallowQueeny 

When was the last time you watched two NOW simultaneous streams at the same time on the same NOW account, where back in July 2021 NOW reduced it to one (unless you have Boost where you get three).

BT TV customers can get two, but one needs to be a Youview box and they need to be started in a particular order.

Have a read of this NOW help article below.