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Activity in Consoles

Xbox teredo IP

I am getting very frustrated as it seems I am unable to get a proper connection for my Series X using the Now TV Hub Two. I do have a connection, but it is a 'strict NAT type' and the console 'cannot get a Teredo IP address'.I have checked the settin...

Britt by Observer
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Wrong Password on Xbox

My email log in and password work correctly on my downstairs TV and laptop, but when I try to log in on Xbox S it states that details are incorrect. I know for a fact they are not incorrect when I input the details yet I still can not log into the xb...

matt9 by Advocate
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Hacked account

I can't watch my now tv because it's says someone else in runcorn is logged in I've signed out off all devices changed all passwords and still can't watch anything anyone help? I paying for something I can't use.

Ash2 by Advocate
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Xbox app not downloading

Trying to download Now tv app for Xbox and the Microsoft store claims I already have it and can open it in my apps. I have never downloaded it previously but because it thinks I have I cannot download it.

Xbox app

Hello.I’m having trouble with the Xbox app. When I try to get and download it in the store I get a message saying ”it looks like you already own this” and won’t let me proceed. I can’t see the app in my library and don’t think I have previously downl...

Callas by Advocate
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Device limit

Never had a problem before but recently I cannot watch now tv at the same time on two different devices. Usually I could watch something in my console while my mum watched something on her TV stick. But now, whenever I try to each something when she ...

Resolved! NOW tv

My NOW tv is taking way to long to do anything on my xbox series x and all i get on my screen is.. Well that didnt go to plan ..NOW TV isnt loading. Please try again in a bit. AND THIS IS SO ANOYING trying to get something to play im payong for per m...

Gaz by Newbie
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