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Sky cinema pass offer is it a phishing mail

Hey guys i received a now tv email offer on the 12th of march stating that i was offerered a 2 month sky cinema pass at £1 per month for 2 months. With a grab this offer link.

£1 instead of £11.99 seems to good to be true.

states offer ends 21st march 2020 at 23.59.


Is this a real offer or is it a phishing e-mail,

although a now tv account holder i currently do not have any active passes.

clicking the link takes me through an acceptance page and asks for my payment 4 digit pin.

i got suspicious when it wanted me to re enter my card details again as it claimed my payment card was expired.

 Visiting my account via the app shows my card has expired.

Is this £1 offer a valid now tv promotional offer.

regards smiffffy

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


If your actual bank card has expired in connection with the email account that the offer was sent to and you are intrested in the offer, then perhaps update your card by going to the NowTV website directly and not via the email link.


Or maybe a more safer option would be to contact live chat for confirmation that the email offer is legit and see if they can apply the offer to your account their end (though they may ask you to update your card on their data base before they can action your request).


To reach live chat, open the link below and click on the small blue arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch to reveal the green chat button to click on to start a live chat conversation. 

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@SweetBlitz  @schnapps 


Yeah SB


I get where you're coming from but, what worries me, I don't want Now TV to auto-start a pass for me, in the guise of helping me out, especially if I don't want them to.


They've done it before.



UK Bob

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New ski cinema offer 2 months forc £2

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Paid my instalment received email do i just go onto cinema and start the free trial i did not get any codes just anotification of what i bought.

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Do i just press cinema pass after payment has been maid for the 2mths and i get 7 days free i got no code and my 7 days trial ends in 7 days renual £11.99 no mention of £1 per month apart from what i bought from now tv

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DID you get any codes for the offer or did you just press the 7 day trial and the offer starts after the 7 days have received payment details and is on my account have pressed the start on the 7 days hope its right thanks sonia 

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I was sent the offer via e-mail, at first i thought it was a phishing e-mail, but after contacting the live chat as well as the forum, it is a valid promotion , however it is a targeted promo only to my account.

i did not have any current active passes on my account and apparently now tv send promotions to those who haven't got active accounts.

i had tried to tell friends on lockdown of the offer / promotion, but it was not available to their accounts, so as someone has previously mentioned it is a personally targeted promo only to certain now tv account holders with no active accounts.