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House of the Dragon Fan Discussion *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

    So GoT fans, we now have a whole new chapter in the history of the Seven Kingdoms to enjoy, those tyrannical Targaryens get their own prequel show House of the Dragon. And we all like a good dragon or two right? If anyone wants to discuss what'...

Andy by Legend 5
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Recommend a TV show on Now TV

If there is a TV show on Now TV which you feel is worth recommending to other users, please post a reply in this thread.  Or subscribe if you would like to see what users are recommending. 

DarylM by Legend 5
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Resolved! FROM Season 2

Hi, I seen an ad stating FROM season 2 streaming in July. Is there a specific date available? I can’t find the info anywhere. Thanks

Resolved! now

Hi all, Quick question. I have a NOW tv membership. I would like to add my brother to it so he can access the entertainment package. He lives at a separate address. How do I do this? We are not in the same household. I want to add him as a family mem...

TV show release date

I like to know when the show Law and Order will be put on now tv. To be clear it is not SVU or organized crime. This is called Law and Order and it currently has 22 seasons.

Missing episode of adventure time

Im kinda surprised how nobody brought this missing episode of season 2 episode 13. Because had remembered this a lot as a kid growing up. Called ‘The Pods’ I know it isn’t really a key episode. But I’m more so confused why this is missing? It be grea...

Cant watch and just like that s2

I have an entertainment membership. When I click on and just like that season 2 it tells me I need an entertainment membership.  What the hell is going on. I want a refund.

Anna1 by Advocate
  • 10 replies
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Can’t access as good as it gets season 2

I subscribe to the Now TV entertainment package, but can’t access the first 2 episodes of season 2 of as good as it gets - I can see the show listed and watch the trailer, but when I click on episode 1 of season 2 it takes me to the back category of ...

Kizz by Advocate
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Resolved! Code OVP_00005

I've just bought a pass to watch season 2 and just like that but received this code OVP_00005 any advise?

Paula88 by Observer
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And Just Like That

I am trying to watch And Just Like That S02 and my TV is saying I’ll need a Now Membership to watch on the device even though I have one. the app says something is not right and to try again  

Terry by Observer
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I have continuously checked on the kids section of nowtv to see if they have subtitles and they never do. Can this be uploaded? im sure that there are many deaf kids who would appreciate being able to watch their favourite shows and understand it