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my package - phone extras

I am having problems that the page to allow you to add phone extras to your contact is not working.  I have tried it on multiple devices and on different connection but just getting the banner, a menu and then a white page under neither. Anyone else getting this problem?

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Re: my package - phone extras

Hi @Akarin 


To setup the phone extras you need to contact the NowTV Broadband Team where you won't be able to do it yourself directly online by accessing your account.


To reach the NowTV Broadband Team see if there is a telephone number on the right hand side of the screen on the first link below.


If you don't see the telephone number to call make sure you are signed in on here with your NowTV Broadband login details. 


Don't know why you can't access your Broadband & Calls section of your account (maybe try your internet browser in a Private Window or Incognito Mode). 


More information in this linked help article below about NowTV phone extras and features. 



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Re: my package - phone extras

Yes, I've noticed the same issue, apparently you can't add extra's or modify your account yourself as there's no robot configured.  So the button is completely pointless as you have to call to see if there are any changes you can make.  This is a good marketing ploy, as you are more likely to agree with paying for more settings when speaking to a person than clicking an option.

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