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Is there any compensation due if I get ongoing delays but no live date issued.


Does anyone know if compensation is available if no go live date was provided (as that is covered in auto compensation)?

I've booked on 13th March, with an aspirational go live date of 27th March, however since 27th March I just get text saying delay and an update a few days later, and this has been going on since then with next update on 23rd April (nearly a month later than expected), with nothing to go on but a problem with openreach but nothing beyond that.

In the meantime, I was leaving my current provider as the price has gone up 80% and is £26.50 more expensive than Now monthly, which I am paying for in the meantime.

As I never got a confirmed go-live date, auto compensation doesn't apply.

But is their anything for delays for OR to resolve issues?

This is getting expensive very quickly, I could have got a deal with my existing provider (still 60% rise) but due to now the accounts are in a state of waiting to move, I don't really want to risk unwounding it now (I would have chosen a different option if I knew I would be in this state).

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Only when you report with staff via the call centre.

Have you called the broadband team?

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@Daskier As above from @gavs82008  give them a call, also take a read of this about new higher levels of compensation :