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Hiya guys my daughter tripped over my wire on my broadband box which has snapped the grey lead going from the phone box into the wall to the broadband box and the purple end bit is stuck in the box how do I get hold of now tv to send me a new lead and fix my box. Help please got a very upset little girl missing her programmes thank you x

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Hi @Anonymous User 


That would be the RJ11 cable between the BT telephone socket and the back of your NowTV Router.


Was you with another Internet Provider before you switched to NowTV and if so have you still got the old Router and cables where the RJ11 cable suppiled with your previous Router will also work on the NowTV Hub Router.


You can pick up an RJ11 cable cheaply from most retailers or on the net from places like Ebay, Amazon etc.


If you wish to contact NowTV about this matter, then go to My Account > Orders & Appointments section of your account on here and click on the drop down arrows to expand the on screen information where you should see a telephone number to call.