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I am sick of Now Tv they have hardly any new films ever I pay £9.99 per month for sky cinema and £5.99 per month for entertainment I have paid this every month for 14 months and use it only once a week. I have just gone to watch a film at just fine midnight on a Saturday night and it keeps telling me I need to but a cinema pass so I check my bank account and the £9.99 was taken 5 days ago check my account it’s not showing a cinema pass but is showing the 2 payments for entertainment and movies below and they aren’t due for another 3 weeks but it won’t let me watch any movies I am fuming was looking forward to watching a film and there is nothing on so I guess I was paying £15.98 per month for a load of crap that hardly gets updated so I will take my monthly fee elsewhere. This is the final nail in the coffin for something I already did think was crap I am fuming.!!!