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So, there’s no one to call??

So, I can’t call anyone? Just repetitive response live chat or email??


I created an account over two years ago for an ex girlfriend, her name, every other aspect of the sign up, account and payment, ME.


I noticed a while back payments were still coming out so I logged in and cancelled, and email too to dispute, useless responses came, I forgot to respond. I have now noticed again that despite a new card being issued, payments have restarted themselves!! And via email/live chat I am getting absolutely nowhere. 

I understand, my name is not on the account, but my email is, my address, most importantly, my bank details!! I can not discuss anything without the account holder for data protection....NONSENSE, its my bank details. If that’s the case, the ‘account holder’ could go on and discuss my bank details, no, they CAN talk to me about taking almost two years worth of payments despite having auto renewal switched off!


Who can I talk to, is there really no phone number? My bank are my first port of call once this this is posted but I would prefer to hash it out with NOW TV.