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Stuck in purgatory

My old debit card expired meaning that when my account auto-renewed a payment was not taken. As I had decided to end the NOW TV Service (no broadband or telephone - just TV) I did not bother entering my new card details, simply to confirm I had cancelled. 

I subsequently received a number of emails telling me the service had been cancelled etc. I am now receiving emails requesting payment in 10 days or 'further action' will be taken. 

I then phone up the number on the email 03303 323 032 to be told, sorry we cannot help you unless you have Broadband. We do not have access to TV customers accounts.

I then call the number on the website 0800 100 3000 which leads to a helpline which is nothing to do with Now TV but is related to some water company helpline.

I then use the online chat, get patronised and told that I have to call the 03303 number again and 'YOU OWE MONEY' largely because the handler could not handle the logic of what I was putting to him. He then terminated the chat. 

I then tried the 03303 number again and was told, again that they could not see my account, only the Broadband and TV, 

So, now I cannot make a payment online and I cannot make payment over the phone. Not that I should have to make a payment, but I as I am receiving threatening emails there does not really seem much of option to actually discuss the issue.  

What sort of a shambles is this? Can be fixed or should I just reside myself to the fact that NOW TV do not know what they are doing. 


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With the greatest of respect, I think that you made a mistake in assuming that not providing your new card details would automatically cancel your subscription. You should have actually followed the cancellation process. Feel free to correct me if I have misunderstood you. 

I believe the solution to be that you now update your card details on your account. Any outstanding payments will then be taken. 

After that you can simply cancel your subscription by following the formal process. 

Hope that helps. Good luck. 

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Same problem.. Or at least similar. My old card expired and I'm trying to renew.. Online it insists I call an 0800 number which I'm happy to do.

When I call it I get a nice recorded message telling me my water is safe to drink. 

Who do I contact and how? 

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Use the online Chat function to get advice from a Service Representative. You can select the 'Contact Us' option and follow the instructions from there.