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I’m 50 so now tv was suppressing simple to instantly input information to set up movies then access the last series of game of thrones, as I’m extremely slow inputting on typing and I cannot spell dexlecic , as I’ve just spelt that wrong, even predictive text say no replacement words,, do I continuously keep guessing until either I see the correct spelling or think Of a different word with same meaning, I’ve sold internet computers isdn lines for customers that were totally technical computer wizzerds over 25 yrs ago 15 yrs before I even had a computer and 20yrs before I even acutely had to physically send my first email?? My version of sending a email was tell P A what I wanted to say then she politely edited/ diluted the message as it was politically correct for HR OR OTHER PEOPLE TO SER !! 

for me it’s much easier to just talk with someone on phone or face to face , I’m getting to that victor meldrew stage in life !’ So to my total disbelief I couldn’t believe how simple now tv is, how easy to use help me relax simple extremely simple and inexpensive great value for money brilliant product I was totally happy that I had a internet online product that I could understand, even if everyone else in the house said I was made paying for now tv because they had got all the programs that I had and more already being paid for by myself for them, only I. Could not get the internet tech to find tv I got stressed trying to login remember pass words username code by the time I had finally got information internet connected I’d fallen out with son daughter wife stamped on two laptops totally smashed into bits of plastic, ( I do have two laptop bags in extremely good condition if any one is interested in) stomping off to my chill out tv room , ie half of the garage with a old tv that’s technically useless because I need to ask oldest son ( nearly 30 ) who’s trained to input information in to space top of this game in it and what ever the armed forces spend millions training him telecommunications satellite internet tech stuff connecting scervalince ( another no replacement found) servalance !! So he can find I flee in the Middle East in a dessert storm at midnight and tell you what c colour it’s eyes are, in a split second travel to new Zealand and find I grass hopper that’s sat on a fag end in wellington , !!! To tune in tv so I can watch chill out films and easy viewing relaxation telly in  tv room ( half garage, scraty old carpet old corner sittee ??  With my dvd surround sound system that plays cd, s and dvd.s ( I’m definitely not totally back in the 70s , ) although must admit was gobsmaked when eldest daughter throwing out in rain for wks brand new surrounding sound cinema Dolby the lot , just because it had wires and wasn’t blue tooth I?? Or wire less ( wott ever the tech name??)  was my first glimpse into old age asking what’s wrong with the surround cinema dvd out side ,, took a few seconds to redjstret !!!( sinkin ) big tv two foot in front of me and sound that could be heard for miles surrounding me in 8ft x 9.5 ft half tv room / garage, , I had found that WiFi thing was connection to my tv and I could have my favourite tv because nowtv had finally found out how to get tech fobes like me to understand internet tv tuners tuned in by me , didn’t need computer programming tech Son I up loaded it I even managed to instantly input payment details in to a telly without blocking our bank account security suspending everyone in our households credit cards cancelled ect, no problems easy to set up fantastic product I had access to everything the rest of our family had in the actual house,, with proper furniture extremely expensive tv rooms !! I pay for them obviously, nowtv gave me mytv and started to educate me calm and relaxed about viewing sticks broadband WiFi apps that I apparently could watch nowtv on laptops ( if i hadn’t smashed) broadband though nowtv was looking good, my contract with EE was ending I didn’t realise I had to a Accses a replacement provider before I terminated my broadband account, because I need 24 day cooling of period to swop providers wasn’t sure which deal to have I was disappointed with EE but super happy with possibly getting down load up to 80 gig ?? With the super internet wireless fibre ovtive broad band provider on line account online internet payments even internet connection to lots of new information friendly and I’m almost certainly going to understand because it’s provider is nowtv online internet wire less tech, unfortunately because EE ended, I lost my internet broadband connection for now tv didn’t have computer or access to World Wide Web to ask nowtv to connect me up for their fantastic package , couldn’t watch tv because it came in from internet , found a friend that had internet and iPad to contact nowtv and explain my predicament hopefully they could sort everything, but I couldn’t remember the username didn’t have access to email because I didn’t have internet account couldn’t retrieve secret email to just click and reset the settings to login to nowtv couldn’t find how to contact them and ended up having nothing to see find my account access coded to the extrem I’d diffie my tech training travel computer system anliste servalince ?? Totally code cracking arm training in service and serving Uk miles away from his family me !!! To be able to contact nowtv with no internet connection, gobbsmaked again finding my self useless because I know nowtv would never make contacting them to stop payment for no contract subscription just watching when you’re wanting to cheap easy setting up connection fantastic, I must just be no where near as educated as I thought I was becoming become my tv nowtv was teacher I was student ,, or punter ?? Any way hat to ring a competitor because it’s obviously I need internet broadband connections to complain about not being able to complain to nowtv ,,