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Device Limit

I can’t watch my now tv service that I have paid for as it says I have reached device limit even though there seems to be no devices registered on the account. Is there any way I can fix this as I have paid for the last months fee and haven’t been able to watch anything on it. I want to sort it before I cancel my subscription 

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User

Strange you are getting "you have reached your device limit message" where you are saying that there is no devices shown registered under My Account > Devices on here.

Firstly i would check the email / username on all your playback devices are the same account details when you checking your Device list and Passes whilst signed in on here to make sure everything matches and stacks up.

Then jump over to live chat and ask them to reset all your devices registered on your account.

Once this is done, watch some nowtv content on the 4 devices that you want to re register again back on your account.

Link here to live chat.