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Refund on Cancelation

I canceled my now tv. A payment was taken today or yesterday. The money hasnt left my account yet. can this be stopped please? I dont want now tv at the moment and would like my money back please?


My little girl was buggering about with my now tv remote she’s always got it she’s only one, it turns out she’s bough Hayu just noticed as money got took out my account can I do anything

Cancelled movie pass - tried to take payment

a few weeks ago, I logged in and cancelled my movie pass which expired yesterday... then today I get a message to say my payment has failed for that pass and to re-enter my details - why hasn't it been cancelled properly?  Luckily I use an account fo...

Charged after cancelling free trial

Roughly two weeks ago I signed up for a free Now TV trial - however cancelled it DURING the free trial period. Upon checking my bank statement I have found that I have been charged £9.99 for the next payment - and have had to re-cancell my subscripti...

Need to cancel my Account (not pass)

Hi,I've had problems being charged twice for 6 months of sports passes and it appears it's because I have two accounts registered to my name and payment details (albeit with separate accounts and email addresses).After some effort I've had the double...

Taking money without permission

I looked at my bank statement a few days ago and realised that Now TV took out £3.99 for a hayu subscription! I had no idea I was even signed up! Apparently they gave me a free trial! Then when the free trial ends it then starts charging you monthly!...

entertainment pass

do you have to have a current entertainment pass to use a sky sports pass and watch netflix?i cancelled the entertainment pass and then put the sky sports pass on in november and have just noticed the entertainment pass is still being charged !!cheer...

Already cancelled !

I got a free subscription baring in mind I’m an 18 year old with no Minh with no job. I didn’t know what I was doing and now I’m being charged £9.99 per month and every time my mum tries to send me money it goes to NOW TV please cancel this now.