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Device limit reached

I’m very upset by Now Tv

I wasn’t using NOW TV for while when I reactivated subscribtion, then I realised I got there devices which I don’t use any longer or some are no longer linked because of performing “manufacturing reset” since I cancelled last year.


Why on earth would you limit user to one change, if used devices have not been used over couple of months? I couldn’t watch NOW TV anywhere in the end. I paid £9.99 for one movie, I could do better with Netflix.


I demand refund or extension of my subscription (which I have now canceled) as a good will.

You simply should not keep old list of devices when someone subscribe back to you after while.


I’ll be better off with Netflix


Very upset.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User devices are kept as people may like you return and want to be able to continue watching. Chat are able to reset devices if you ask them. As for refund if you have not watched anything in a particular month you might be eligible for one, chat again can help.

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