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Cancelled Movies Pass Bit Still Charging

I cancelled my Movies Pass in August and was advised I would be charged up to 22nd August. I went into my account to find I am still being charged for movies.

I tried to cancel again and it wont cancel! I end up in a blank screen after I click "I still want to cancel".

Please cancel my movies and refund me the cost of September that I did not want and should not pay for. 

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And i got into Live chat, told them I tried to cancel pass and it wouldn't, can they cancel it and refund the £9.99 taken for September, only to be told I will be emailed by the broadband team. 

So after cancelling in August, told it would stop on 22nd August, completing a form for contact within 2 days on Sunday 2nd September, no contact, Live chat passing the buck, still no contact and still being charged. 

Come on NOW TV, please sort this out!

I have the live chat conversation saved.