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Charged after free trial despite cancelling


I've been charged £9.99 for a month's pass of movies despite cancelling during my free trial period. Cancelling was the first thing I did after beginning the trial to ensure that I wouldn't forget and yet I see today that the money has been taken from my account and I've needed to cancel all over again.

I want to request a refund and for my ability to stream be disabled as this is an error. Also, for further clarification, I do not have any additional accounts tied to mine that could have resulted in the subscription continuing. 

I have been unable to contact the live chat service to resolve this as it appears to be unavailable every time I check. I'm using a Windows PC too, not a mobile device, so it isn't that preventing me from reaching them.

I would appreciate if anyone could direct me how to contact them or get this issue resolved.


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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 

See if this link below works.

If no joy, then make sure your internet browser ad blocker is disabled or perhaps try another internet browser maybe in a private window or incognito mode.

I use MS Edge when accessing the live chat service or when sending them a message on the same link page below.

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Cheers for this, it worked and chat was able to resolve my issue. 🙂