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Trying to change / end contract

@ I had a notification in the summer, advising that my contract was coming to an end and I could either leave, change to a new 12 month subscription or go on a rolling contract at almost double the price (no thanks). I called and, after many attempts, got through to someone who tried to sell me stuff I don't understand or at least I think that was what they were doing. 

I asked to renew my contract and was told that had been actioned and only now, I've realised that I have had four months of almost forty pound for a mediocre hit and miss basic broadband service. Now I can't get through again! There is no way to cancel / challenge this online so I don't know what to do. Anyone got any suggestions. 


If you are struggling to get through on the phone try the web form option here:

Elite 3

Also, if you feel you have been mis-sold, raise a complaint, and if necessary take it to Ofcom/CISAS.

How To File A Complaint (