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Paying for passes I didn't subscribe to

I first got now tv to watch one of my favourite series, I subscribed to the entertainment pass for £9.99 a month. The other day I happened to check my bank statement and I seen 3 charges come out for now tv, totalling to £24.98, which I have apparently been paying for the last 4 months! This includes a sky cinema pass that I never purchased and a now tv boost pass which I didn't purchase. I rang now tv contact number but they said they only deal with broadband, the live bot tried to help me but it timed out before it actually did me any good. Does any one know how to get help fixing this? 

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Re: Paying for passes I didn't subscribe to

@LaraMcG21 first thing, put a payment pin on your account.


Secondly, cancel the passes you don't want. Manage account>passes and vouchers. Make sure you go through all the screens (there's several - are you sure, are you sure you're sure etc) until you get the confirmation. You should also get a confirmation email.


Lastly, jump on live chat complaints and explain the situation

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