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Fraudulent email


Today I received a very convincing email saying my card had been declined and that I needed to update my payment details clicking on the link. I knew the money had come out of my bank so I knew it was a fake email. I have tried uploading a picture but it wouldn’t work but they look identical to the actual now tv emails

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I received an email like this yesterday as well. It had my name written exactly as it is on my nowtv account. I've checked my bank today and the payment appears to have worked as it should.


Curious as to whether it's actually a legitimate nowtv email but sent in error.

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@Anonymous User @Anonymous User 

This sort of thing must be highlighted to Now TV staff, they only occasionally monitor and post on the forum. 


I would recommend using the Live chat. They should then be able to receive the email and confirm if it is legit or not.


1. NOW TV account & payments

2. Cancelling or renewing NOW TV Passes

3. Drop down 'How to get in touch'

4. Live Chat

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Oh please the online help team are useless and ask them if they had an investigation team within their IT department which almost any large company of this size should have for anyone like us who have received these kind of emails to forward these emails on so they can investigate the email address or at least reported

He told me know I just need to make a complaint to NOW TV this is ridiculous he didn’t even seem to care whether somebody has fraudulently sent me an email to do something or not