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Just noticed that I've been charged for three years for accounts which I've never used!

I subscribed to Now TV in Dec 20. I unsubscribed in Aug23. I recently had an email from my bank (Feb 24) advising that I was due to pay a NOW TV monthly subscription. Confused by this, I contacted NOW TV - a feat in in it's own right - to find out why I was being charged. They answered that my account had in fact been cancelled in Aug 23. It then transpired that in the sign-up process in 2020 - the clunkiest I'd ever seen, I had inadvertantly set up 3 accounts!! On checking my bank records since that date, I've actually been charged monthly for all three accounts  irrespective of  the fact that I have never logged in or used two of them! Companies like NOW TV who work on a subscription basis,  call this revenue stream "breakage" meaning they continue to charge customers for services that are never actually used. It's a big earner for them but ethically very dubious. They clearly have no interest in advising their subscribers that their service is not being actively used and are happy to just keep charging . As there are no human beings to speak to at NOW TV, I wrote to them about this. Zero response! The upshot is that I have paid over £1,500 for two accounts that I've never used! 

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What happened when you checked your bank accounts before, ie when you first signed up, and after that and from there spotted that too much money was going out?

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Not a clue how you didn’t notice sooner there being continued payments. For me I check my banking app every few days to make sure nothing out the ordinary is happening, plus doesn’t help being poor haha.

When you say you contacted NOW, what method was this?

Best to do live chat to speak with staff. Make sure to be signed in and use the ‘How to get in touch’ drop down.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help