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Unavailable movies on live channels - UK & ROI

There are some movies broadcast on Sky Cinema channels which we're unable to show via NOW TV due to licensing restrictions. This will vary on a monthly basis, and could reduce over time as new licences are agreed. You'll know if something is unavaila...

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Recently Added section in Films is no longer usable

There seems to be a problem with the Recently Added category in the Films section: it nolonger shows the films in any order so it's impossible to find the new film that day.Is this just a temporary error or has someone decide to make NOW TV films muc...

Tech support

Hi, is there a way to disable adverts for horror TV shows/films? We're watching a police thriller show, not a horror. My wife is easily unsettled by these adverts and they come up unexpectedly.How do I prevent these kinds of adverts?

Mission Impossible: Fallout - 37 minutes missing - Error

The ending of Mission Impossible Fallout seems to be missing, about 37minutes of content.I was watching this then it just stopped and was cut short as if it had finished but was not at the end yet.What kind of extremely unfunny joke is this from NowT...

Adverts on NowTV

Why on earth am I being subject to Sky adverts when I want to watch something on a service which I am paying for? If you want adverts, make the service free. Stop trying to have it both ways. 

Incredible Experiences

Seeing from the JustWatch app that Incredibles 2 was available on NowTV, and having the requisite Movies Pass, we went looking for it on Wednesday evening, 17th April, at about 19:30, on our grey-faced NowTV Stick. In Search, I pressed the mic button...

RoyB by Legend
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Hiya, I’m using nowtv on my Xbox and the film keeps going blurry what could be the ptoblem.