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Just received my Now Hub 2 and I need a much longer DSL cable.  Could anyone tell me please what kind I would require as I think one that comes with router has 2 pins and most I am looking at have 4 pins.

 Would any RJ11 cable do?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Have a read of this similar question over on the Sky Broadband Community Forum, where the NOW Hub 2 Router is a clone of the Sky Q Hub Router. 


Would have thought a 4pin RJ11 to RJ11 cable would be fine, but don't use an excessive length of cable because it may pick up more interference.


Have you still got the old Router and did that came with a suitable length RJ11 to RJ11 cable ?


If so give that a try with the NOW Hub 2 Router before buying an new cable.

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Cheers Schnapps, 

I am moving from Virgin but I did have ADSL before and used a 10 metre RJ11 cable without any problems.  Just cos of the layout of my room and I want my TV and boxes connected by ethernet instead of WiFi. Unfortunately I gave my cable away after moving to Virgin.


I can get a long RJ11 cable cheap enough anyway but just when looking I'm sure I read people having problems between 2 pin and 4 pin connections.  


Thanks again

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The important thing about the DSL cable is that it needs to be twisted pair, it is possible to by it in various lengths online. Just search DSL cable on your favourite shopping website.