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Using a Second NowTV hub as a wireless hub in my GardenOffice

Hi there

I know there are lots of similar posts about this but I'm.hoping so.eone can help with specific rather than just saying 'there are you tube videos on it'!!!

I have a Now Hub 2 in the house and have a spare Now Hub 2 which I plan to use in my garden office. I have an ethernet cable running between the house and garden office. So I'd planned to plug the Ethernet cable in to the back of the Hub in the house (main hub) and the the other end of the Ethernet cable into the Now hub in the garden office. I'm not sure if this is known as a repeater or a WAP....but either way!! 

What settings do I now need to use on the router in the garden office? I believe you have to disable DHCP and some other things. 

I'd previously had a similar setup but when the Ethernet cable was plugged in the house wifi didn't work but the garden office wifi did (albeit not that well). The router in the office is now defunct and I have a nowtv hub 2 which I can use in its place. 

Thanks so much in advance for your help. I really appreciate it.