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Thinking of joining Now Broadband

So I'm thinking of switching broadband provider to the Now Super Fibre £22 a month deal, but wondered what the Now router/hub wifi signal quality is like? Is the broadband service reliable? Do you get any outages?


Are monthly payments taken via Credit/Debit card? what date is the first monthly payment taken after going live? Is the first payment on the day the service goes live?


Random question, can you connect the hub to your tv to stream Now TV or would I still need the now stick plugged in?


Finally, how soon before going live does the hub get sent out / delivered? Is that with tracked Royal Mail?




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Re: Thinking of joining Now Broadband

Hi @AC 


The wifi signal performance is a tricky one to answer, where there are so many variables, such size and construction of your home, location of the Router in comparison to the other rooms etc etc.


Some customers have complained about the poor wifi coverage on the NOW Hub 2 Router and where it also only has two Ethernet ports.


For my Home environment the NOW Hub 2 works perfectly well and to over come the two Ethernet ports (might not be important to some) but i have added a 8port Gigabit Ethernet Hub.


Over three years using NOW Fab Fibre, i had one recent outage that lasted about 8hrs (other customers may have experienced more possibly).


NOW accepts both credit or debit cards with either a visa or mastercard logo on them.




First payment will be taken on the day your internet goes live , though you may have to pay for the Hub Router delivery or admin fees (if any) up front.


The NOW Hub is purely a Router for accessing the internet, where you will need to provide your own streaming devices and if you want to watch NOW content you will have to take out a NOW Membership. 


Here's a link with the NOW supported streaming devices. 


Bit more information below about What is NOW. 


When i signed up to NOW Fab Fibre i received a text message around 3 to 5 days before my schedule live date with a link to a Royal Mail tracking number for the NOW Hub Router.

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Re: Thinking of joining Now Broadband

Hi @AC 


The NOW Hub 2 Router should work with any Smart Television over either wifi or Ethernet if you wish to use Apps such has YouTube for example.


If you are thinking of also adding NOW TV membership and don't currently have a NOW TV Membership account, then there are usually discounts offered to new members or savings when also taking up the NOW Broadband package.


You will need to check the link on my previous post if your SMART TV is compatible with the NOW TV service if you are interested in NOW streaming part of their service (or if your SMART TV is not on the list and there is no inbuilt native NOW App from your SMART TV Apps Store, then consider an external streaming device over HDMI on the list if you don't own any supported devices already).

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Re: Thinking of joining Now Broadband



It’s a common misunderstanding that getting Now Broadband will give you Now streaming - it won’t, and you will need to buy the Passes you want separately, be they Entertainment, Cinema, Sports or whatever, and you will need to ensure you have something that can play Now, maybe an app on your TV or other devices, or failing that, a Roku device or Amazon Firestick, which again you will need to buy separately.


A less common misunderstanding is that you need Now Broadband to watch Now streaming - you don’t, you can stream Now over anybody’s broadband. It’s not like BT, where you need their broadband if you want BT TV.

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