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Terrible Broadband - Terrible Customer Service

I've had NOWTV Broadband for a month or so now and it's truly the worst broadband I have ever had.  Constantly cuts out, rarely for more than 5 minutes or so but it must be around 3 times a day, usually more.

The WiFi signal is also so weak, that I don't get signal in my bedroom, which I would estimate to be about 12 feet up a flight of stairs from the router.

I've brought this up with them twice, both times they spoke about interference, placement of the router, wireless channels etc.  The most frustrating part of this being that I was previously a Sky customer (NOW use the same equipment) and my router was placed in a cupboard inside a server rack on the far side of the house, and the WiFi was fine.  I've moved the NOW router so that it's in the hallway in the center of the house, and the WiFi signal is worse!

The most recent conversation I had with the online chat support was astounding.  I'll outline some highlights below:

First off the agent told me I had too many devices connected, and did a handy little division for me:


Samantha (16/03/2018, 09:58:11): No problem and how many devices would you have connected to the broadband?
null (16/03/2018, 09:58:24): I can probably tell you... hang on
Samantha (16/03/2018, 09:58:32): No problem
null (16/03/2018, 09:58:52): 22
null (16/03/2018, 09:59:09): maybe not that many exactly, but there are 22 IP's being used
Samantha (16/03/2018, 09:59:35): This maybe the issue to the broadband dropping out
null (16/03/2018, 10:00:30): maybe, although it shouldn't be, I had Sky previously and had no issues
null (16/03/2018, 10:00:39): and it's essentially the same equipment
Samantha (16/03/2018, 10:01:20): The only thing we can do to try improve this is changing your wireless channel to try and see if this will help the devices that are connected to the WiFi
null (16/03/2018, 10:01:31): you can't be telling me that this router can't handle over 20 attached devices?!?!?

You are getting 16.49 Mb/s to the router if you divide this to each device you are getting 0.7 to each device
null (16/03/2018, 10:02:40): so more than half of those devices connect via ethernet
null (16/03/2018, 10:02:48): not wifi
Samantha (16/03/2018, 10:03:35): Even at that they are all taking up some of the broadband range


I still stand by the idea that this isn't how broadband works, devices that are sitting idle aren't using up bandwidth, neverless they continued, so I thought I'd try to get a definitive answer about my issue:


You have too many devices connected to the router. And each device connected through Ethernet or to the WiFi are going to effect the bandwidth
null (16/03/2018, 10:06:51): So you're telling me that NOW's answer is to disconnect some of my devices?
Samantha (16/03/2018, 10:06:57): Yes


So there you have it, NOW TV routers can't handle 20+ connections, so not fit for purpose really.


The irony here is that while I've been writing this to complain about how poor my broadband connection is, my broadband has gone down.


The only silver lining is that I didn't commit to any contract so I can leave whenever I please.

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Can't help with understanding if # of devices is an issue - but if it worked with sky bub then shouldn't be a problem.


Have you swapped from adsl to fibre when you moved to Nowtv?  I have very good broadband with Now but came from BT where your description sounded famiiar - the main cause was the wall socket.  Once this was changed the dropouts were infrequent.


You mentioned your router is now positioned in a different place - is it using a different telephone wall socket, maybe an extension?  Have you tried putting the router back where the sky router was and seeing if drop outs still occur?

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@Anonymous User Is it actual drop-outs of the connection, or wifi disconnections that's the issue. If it's the former I'd suggest giving the broadband team a call rather than using the live chat option, it's probably easier to troubleshoot and line check online. You can find the telephone number for the Broadband Team by going to your My Account > My Package page

and click the Moving Home section.


If it's wifi disconnections that's the issue you can always try swapping out the NOW TV Hub for your old Sky router - it will work straight off without any setup. 

NOW are looking for users to join their Customer Feedback Group and help improve the service. If you're interested read more here and sign up.

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Thanks @Andy and presumably your brother @Anonymous User


I haven't changed the line as such, I have a cupboard in my laundry where I have put a small server rack.  The sky router was in this rack.  Initially when I made the switch and had this issue I decided it may be that without the skyQ equipment, the signal wasn't getting as far round the house, so I moved the router into the hallway.  However all I did with the phone line was put a hole through the wall between the server rack cupboard and the hallway and ran the adsl line through.


When I initially switched my service, I hadn't returned the sky router, the wifi coverage was significantly better but I still suffered connection dropouts.  By this I mean the wifi remains, but I can't connect to the internet across all my devices.

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@Anonymous User You should have received a Hub 2 if you've recently signed up, which is bascially a rebadged Sky Q router with the same specs so really performance should be identical. If you've returned the Sky Q router now then obviously you can't swap but if you do still have the Sky Q router just connect it back up instead of your NOW TV Hub.


 If it is more the connection is dropping it could be either on the line itself or a fault in the router, either way if you haven't already I'd suggest giving the broadband team a call and see what they do for you.

NOW are looking for users to join their Customer Feedback Group and help improve the service. If you're interested read more here and sign up.

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I have the same problem and waste my life on the phone trying to fix it. Still not fixed and that's with a new router, channel change etc it is really poor service. 75 MPs I pay for, I get 20 at best and normally I get 1mps if I am upstairs. Ridiculous!

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The worst service I have every had.The hole company is a disgrace.been trying to cancal for over a week impossible.will have to ignore them and go through the bank.