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Rejoining NOW Broadband - Engineer help

Hi there,


Wondering if anyone can help. We are looking to rejoin NOW for our broadband. During some renovations of the house the box that the router would normally plug into was removed (currently with Virgin). Would this effect rejoining NOW or would an engineer install a new one?



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Hi @Skelly 


Would have thought you would be supplied a new NOW Hub Router when you rejoin them.


Maybe ask the question by dropping NOW an email.




Anonymous User
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@schnapps  I think @Skelly  is referring to the BT master socket having been removed.

@Skelly Openreach could install a new socket, but there may be a charge.

Perhaps best to speak to the broadband team on the number you can find via the link below.


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Hi @Anonymous User 


You are absolutely right, totally misread the post.


Might be time to get my eyes tested when using the Community Forum from my smartphone or get a bigger phone screen 😃.