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House Move Phone Line Activation


I have recently moved home and transferred my broadband to the new address, it should have gone live yesterday but alas has not.  The engineer was there yesterday and when i do a dummy booking it says I have a live phone line.

On my account it is not showing the details of my move on orders just showing cancellation from the old property and I am unable to track my order at all.


I have tried calling but I'm getting no answers as to why it's not working they say it is activated and also why I cannot see the details on an order.

Can anyone help please


Legend 5
Legend 5


I am assuming the phone line is dead with no ring tone and when you plug in the NOW Router there is not three green lights on the front of the NOW Hub 2 where the middle internet light is either off or red / amber ?

You could try holding in the reset button on the back of the Router for around 15 seconds if you have a ring tone on the phone line.

Also double check the wiring between the master telephone socket and Router.

Other than that you will have to keep chasing the NOW Broadband Team where we are all customers here on the Community Forum.

Hope you get it sorted.