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Blink won’t accept my Now password


I have just switched to NOW and have manage to connect Now to all of my devices except my Blink Cameras. The Blink Camera app states that my NOW wifi password is incorrect but I know that it is 100% correct. This is the only device that I cannot connect to my Wifi. 

I have searched previous posts but most say they were incorrectly putting their password in but this is definitely not the case with me. 

Thank you for any help and advice 

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Legend 5


See if the post on this Sky forum thread in the link below helps with your issue. 

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If you change your router, it's easier to change the ssid (WiFi name) and password on the new router to the same as the old one, then you only need to change one device (the router) as opposed to countless WiFi devices, just keep a note of the WiFi name/passwords .

As for the blink problem, try splitting the 2.4 and 5ghz bands on the now router and connect the blink to the 2.4ghz signal