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Re: Now tv adverts super annoying!

Y the ###### am I paying to what ads you have to what before and now you have put more ads on in the show like wtf am I paying for you all need to fix this ######


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Re: Now tv adverts super annoying!

@Jayjay2020 @Andy888 

So Amazon has promos for its content before you watch something. Paramount+ has promos at the start of its content. 
Whilst I agree that it’s massively annoying, it’s the way some streaming services are going. 


The only difference between Amazon and NOW is that you have the option to skip the promo.


Your both best to complain about this directly with NOW, as this is a customer forum you’ll be unheard I’m afraid.


As you mentioned @Andy888  you can do it via social media, you can also do it via email to the source. Address is on the below picture.



Re: Now tv adverts super annoying!



If you read my post on this thread of 29-11-2020 14:04 you will see the process I followed which consisted of in total:-


6 calls to Sky / NOW TV customer services met with total disinterest. 
a number of on line chats that were no help. 
a formal complaint that was basically ignored. 
A complaint to the regulator who said regretfully they couldn’t force NOW TV to listen to customers complaints in this matter as it was outside their jurisdiction.   

As you pointed out these other services allow the customer to fast forwards or skip these adverts. 

I asked NOW TV to give us, their customers the same capabilities, they totally  Ignored that feedback.


So this exactly the forum for this.

Customers need to take a stand on every available social media platform and publicise NOW TVs non existent customer service and if they still refuse to listen to their customers we all need to vote with our feet and take as many fellow customers with us. 

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Re: Now tv adverts super annoying!


Trust me I get it, no need to state posts from a year ago. 


For years I have complained to NOW for the lack of simple features like skip intro, skip recap, profiles, all of which are funnily enough still missing.

Also I have complained to Sky more times than I can care to say about the lack of regard for getting content the same time as the US, all they care about is HBO shows nothing more. 


What you have to bare in mind is until recently sports content was never on demand, which was a royal slap in the face for sports customers on NOW. 


My hope is under Comcast ruling instead of the old ownership before the sale to Comcast that the service and content will improve over time. 

That being said I don't really hold much hope for that happening. 

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Re: Now tv adverts super annoying!



The Adverts have now hit the PC version of NOW.  I cannot be bothered with them and I refuse to pay for 'Boost' to get rid of them, mainly as there is absolutely no benefit having it for me (other than removing Ads for something I pay for).  It's just another way of Sky cashing in.  4 adverts when you start watching is beyond stupid.  Eventually, you will get Ads in the middle, ala Youtube etc. 


Sadly, it's time for me to part ways with NOW (for the time being).


Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney + then - shame really.