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No Activation


The activation date was set for 06/09/2023. I've received confirmation from Openreach that their work is complete.

While the hub is connected, the broadband remains inactive. Furthermore, I suspect there might be an issue with the telephone line as there is no sound when I use the landline telephone.

I've tried to contact NOW customer service multiple times using the following numbers: 0330 332 3050, 0330 041 2472, and 0800 759 1213. On each attempt, I selected option 3 for broadband technical issues. However, the system does not seem to recognize any option I select, and it eventually hangs up. This issue persisted regardless of the contact number used.

Additionally, I've searched for an email address to report this non-activation problem but couldn't locate one.

Could you please guide me on the best way to reach NOW's customer or technical service?

Kind regards,



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That list of numbers are indeed the best to call NOW with. 
Are you using your mobile or landline for them? Worth trying your mobile if it’s the latter.

Alternatively you can fill out this form.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help